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It is said that you are only as good as the people around you, so it makes sense to choose those that share your values, commitment and ambitions. At Kaizen Derby you will find many such like-minded friends.

Our motto at Kaizen Derby is CANI:






Derby Silk Mill


With a maximum of 12 business professionals and only one industry type per group, your local Kaizen group is an exclusive, private and tightly knit forum of business professionals, each dedicated to helping one another to get to the next rung on their personal ladder to success.

With a diverse mix of backgrounds, skills and achievements, there is always someone in the group ready to help with advice backed by real life experience.

Each fortnightly meeting covers a range of business and personal development topics with engaging talks presented by fellow business owners.

There is also a ‘meeting of minds’ during the confidential boardroom forum sessions whereby every member has the opportunity to table their issues, problems and challenges. The remaining members then contribute objective solutions based on their own experiences and know-how in an honest, friendly and productive environment. It is a powerful, positive and highly valuable session for all.

Your membership of Kaizen Derby offers you the unique opportunity to join a small and select group of success-oriented business leaders in your area.

You will tap into the collective experience, skills and knowledge of the entire group and expand your personal and business horizons. Of course, it works both ways, whereby you will also be passing on your wisdom, know-how and experience.

By providing each other with feedback and impartial advice, everyone’s most pressing business problems can be addressed and solved with creative insights and in many instances reveal new and exciting opportunities.